This Congress is opened to persons from all works of life. I.e. the Government, we hoping that at this Congress we will be able to draw out a policy for Epilepsy and Sufferers. There is no policy on Epilepsy unlike other diseases like Tuberculosis, Polio, HIV, Malaria e.t.c these all have strong interventions or policies and because Treatment of Epilepsy runs into years a firm policy needs to be drawn out for sufferers to be able to sustain their medication. Many persons with Epilepsy start off their medication with all enthusiasm and stop mid way because of poverty, no availability or access to drugs as result of ignorance or non availability. During this Congress, we hope that the Government will be able to do something about the Treatment of Epilepsy. For example if Epilepsy Treatment is introduced at all Primary Health Centers in Nigeria it will be a great land mark in exposing the Treatment to the grassroots. Treatment of Epilepsy is only available in Township and cities in Nigeria, we are hoping that the government will become interested and alleviate the suffering of the people.

Pharmaceutical Companies are Involved in this Congress because we need the availability of antiepileptic Drugs in villages. Drugs are only available in the Township and Cities, so if a poor family with Epilepsy adheres to Drugs what happens especially if they live in the village? E.g. after our Epilepsy program at Enugu drugs were given to those who were able to afford it thou a lot of drugs were given out for free by the Rev. Fr. Donatus Onuigbo who hosted the event. Many of them started calling us asking for the medication saying the drugs were not available in chemist or pharmacists in towns nearest to their villages we need to collect this trend. Hence, the need for Drugs Manufacturers to be in this Congress can never be over emphasized. Church workers, Pastors, Prophets, Priests, Imans, mallams are needed in this Congress because many persons with Epilepsy have been ruined because of some information gotten from the pulpit.

Families with Epilepsy, Care givers, Medical Doctors, nurses. Doctors who are not Neurologists need to be at this Congress because some of them do not have real fact about Epilepsy. Traditional rulers should be very much involved because many of their subjects suffer grossly due to ignorance beliefs, misconceptions and stigmatizations. Mistaking Epilepsy for a spiritual attack or for witchcraft is an error and this need to be urgently corrected.

Secondary Students and Tertiary institutions are involved in this Congress because they need to know that Epilepsy is neither contagious nor infectious. They need to know how one with Epilepsy can be supported in school and how they can have a peaceful co-existence with them without stigmatizing them. Teachers, Tutors, Lecturers, are all those who are involved in the educational sectors are invited to this Congress.

All parents should get registered for this Congress because Epilepsy can happen to anyone at any time and age. So the need to know about it has become paramount. This Congress is for the general Society because we need to know about the causes of Epilepsy, early detection and how it can be treated.

Sufferers of Epilepsy all over the country are invited to this congress, during this congress we hope to have an interactive section where every individual will be allowed to bear out his burdens. This congress is not for persons with Epilepsy, parents, caregivers alone but for young intending mothers, fathers, politicians, Doctors, nurses and the general society, for instance if an intending mother is aware of the cause of Epilepsy, she will do her possible best to prevent it from her children e.g. delayed delivering, untreated jaundice in babies, uncompleted abortion and untreated and long term illness.  Epilepsy is said can happen to anyone at any time and age so the need to prevent it in our families and society has become very important hence the need for this congress. During this congress there will be counseling, lectures and one on one interaction with the experts. A neurologist will be on ground on daily basis to see patients and prescribe for them. It is our duty that you get the right information that will help to prevent Epilepsy in Nigeria.