Angie National Epilepsy Congress - Introduction

Dear Friends, partners and co workers, doctors, parents, caregivers of persons with Epilepsy.

On behalf og Angie Epilepsy Foundation, it is our pleasure to invite you to attend our first ever National Congress.

Angie Nationation Epilepsy Congress (A.N.E.C) The Angie National Epilepsy Congress is slated to hold from 16th - 19th November 2015.

This Congress has become imperative because Mrs. Angela Asemota, founder of Angie Epilepsy Foundation yearns for an opportunity to sit down with parents of Epilepsy like herself and sufferers like her son, in a round table interaction.

The Angie National Epilepsy Congress is geared towards having a forum for families, workers and caregivers of Epilepsy coming together to look into the problem facing Epilepsy in Nigeria and to decide the future of Epilepsy.

During this congress there shall be a strong interaction between the experts (Neurologists and Neurosurgeons) and persons with Epilepsy, families and caregivers.

This congress welcomes delegates and individuals from all over the country and beyond offers the chance of coming together and networking with fellow workers of Epilepsy, clinicians and health care practitioners.

The sciencific program will be innovative, educating and engaging with a wide range of main and parrallel sessions, as well as teaching and video sessions.

The Congress will take place at Bishop Kelly Pastoral Centre, Benin City. We do hope that persons with Epilepsy, parents, spouses, families and caregivers will join us in this beautiful city for such an exciting event because Nigerians with Epilepsy will never be the same again after this event as it's going to bring about lasting health opportunity to sufferers of Epilepsy and peace to parents and caregivers and more knowledge to Doctors who work with persons with Epilepsy.

We are very pleased to welcome you to this congress and to this historical and culturally significant Ancient city of Benin.

Warm Regards.