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Our Causes

On average, one person in every 100 has epilepsy. In developing countries like Nigeria, the incidence is significantly higher. AEF has a vision of a world where every fear and ignorance about epilepsy are replaced by understanding and care.

ANGIE EPILEPSY FOUNDATION is proud to be on the forefront of ensuring hope for people with epilepsy.

By creating awareness on the causes and dangers of epilepsy and to provide treatment to those suffering it that can not afford it, providing selfless, non-discriminating service to them, ecouraging and boosting their self-esteem and fostering hope and love among parents whose children are suffering epilepsy.

Our Latest Events

9th PURPLE DAY 2020

Purple day is an annual event, a day dedicated to the sensitization of the reality of Epilepsy. It’s a day people of good will try to put their legs in the shoes of the persons with Epilepsy, the need to come to the assistance of Epilepsy survivors who cannot help themselves.

Dinner Party 2019

Setting up a foundation can be very challenging especially when it has to do with a disease as passionate as epilepsy, because it takes a lot of time and energy and finance that if you don’t have money and the time one is bound to loose focus. But when your passion is connected right from yourself to the outside no matter the challenges and obstacles you match towards your goals


We are all touched by Epilepsy whethera family,a co-worker,a friend or a neighbor. Epilepsy is a condition that affects millions of Nigerians every year an average 18, 5500 persons are diagnosed.

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