Angela Asemota is very passionate about epilepsy issues. She founded the Angie Epilepsy Foundation in 2010 when her son was diagnosed of epilepsy and she later   discovered that medication adherence is a key to living a life free of seizures.

In her years of Experience, She has also discovered that persons with epilepsy have other problems like mood swing, depression and self isolation etc.

Also, person with epilepsy are treated badly in the society today by peers and even by their own parents and this is appalling.

Furthermore, women with epilepsy issues is another huge problem; women with cases of epilepsy finds it difficult in getting married and even after  marriage, marital issues arises which sometimes lead to broken homes.

Additionally, the stigma associated with epilepsy is another distress call and many more to make mention of.

Thus, the problems associated with epilepsy led Angela Asemota to provide support and give value to persons with epilepsy of which she’s giving her all to put an assuring smile on the faces of persons with epilepsy and to let them know she believe in them to live a normal happy life with happiness as epilepsy isn’t a bar to success.

Over the years till date, it is known that on a daily routine parents with children, brothers, sisters and even family members associated with epilepsy, husband with spouses, wives with husbands, brothers and sisters with siblings do come for free counseling, diagnosis and even medication.

Angie Epilepsy Foundation is currently building her succor and respite centre to give room for expansion as the foundation has over 3745 persons associated with epilepsy and still counting.

Angie Epilepsy Foundation is with one of its core vision to provide a succor and respite center to support those driven from home as a result of myths and misconceptions (those labeled witches and wizards) due to ignorance of false beliefs, organize free skill acquisition training and many more.

Right now spaces are few to be able to give medications to the very poor ones who cannot afford medication and are the mercy of false prophets, pastors and herbalist.

The foundation can’t do this alone as it’s a charitable (Non-Profitable) and Non Governmental Organization. Angie epilepsy foundation is calling for support from far and near to put smiles and assist those with epilepsy during this festive

Why you should support
  1. Persons with Epilepsy are the most lonely people in the world.
  2. They have little or no source of income.
  3. Many of them can’t afford medications.
  4. They are deprived of work, marriages and many are not skilled.
  5. They are ill treated and cannot feed properly.
  6. They are locked up in isolation due to the stigma associated with epilpesy.


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