International Epilepsy Day 2021

International Epilepsy Day is a day set aside to show to the world that :

  1. Sufferers of epilepsy can live a normal life
  2. Epilepsy is not Contagious
  3. Tell Sufferers that they are not alone
  4. Give Support to sufferers
  5. General awareness and bring more to the light of adhering to medication.
Making sure we bring value and support the movement we scheduled several programs which happened simultaneously reaching out to school, market, church and mosques and making a radio broadcast as well as a Tv advert placement and awareness.



During our #market awareness, we discovered that so many are still in dark age about epilepsy but they were brought to light when they found out about the causes, myths, prevention and early detection of epilepsy.
The Awareness Campaign had a positive turnout of 57 persons in the market telling us their stories, thought and challenges over the years.
Following suite to our Program for #internationalepilepsyday 2021 and making sure the public is aware that
1. Adherence & access to the right medication can help improve lives of sufferers of epilepsy.
2. Making everyone within our environment and beyond know that epilepsy is not contagious.
3. Giving out the precautions to causes of epilepsy because it can happen to anyone who is prone to the causes which include:
  • untreated
  • Jaundice
  • penetrating Head injuries etc.


#School Awareness isn’t left out.
The school is the bedrock of information and reaching out to its student will bring about more impact.
Amazingly, 60% of the student we visited had seen sufferers of epilepsy but has always been thinking it is contagious and a spiritual problem due to the myth from parents and guardians and even the society.
Their Questions were amazing, and we are grateful to God for helping us make a U-turn about epilepsy and saving them from misconceptions.
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