The young woman with a SECRET- E1

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who fell in love…

They met in tango class. The girl was a university student, and the man was a doctor. They had long conversations. They imagined their future together. They wanted to have kids; one boy and one girl.

The young woman’s doctor was concerned about her raising the baby alone. Mothers with epilepsy have to be more careful than healthy mothers. They can’t bathe the baby alone, because if they have a seizure (it doesn’t have to be a big one), the baby could drown easily. They should change diappers on the ground, so the toddler won’t fall down. And they shouldn’t tie the baby to themselves – just think about that, if they were to have a seizure and fall down to the ground with a baby, shaking…

But the woman had a very big secret. She decided it was time to tell him: She was living with epilepsy.

“Why should it be a problem?”, he asked. “Do you have seizures?”
“I have been seizure free for more then 10 years now, with medication”, she told him.

And that was it. He had no more questions about epilepsy. Happily, it wasn’t a problem for the man, so they loved each other just as before.

Everything went well, until the girl discovered she was pregnant. At first her boyfriend was happy…

But then everything changed.

“When he told his mother about my risk pregnancy and my epilepsy, she became angry. She called me on mobile, and insulted me so badly. She told me, that I was deceiving her, and I will never get married to her son. I cried for a week. His mother thought that my baby would be disabled. And she wanted a paternity test!”

Together, the young woman and her boyfriend attended an epileptologist, to discuss the pregnancy. Her boyfriend asked only negative questions – what was the probability of the child being born with disability? Would the child have autism? He became very cold with the woman. He no longer wanted to believe that he was the father of a baby. He told her that as she didn’t get along with his mother, he could see no future for them together.

From now on, she was alone with her epilepsy and with a baby in her belly.

The young woman told the doctor, that she would get help from her parents, at least while the baby is very young. For her, sleepless night are a seizure trigger, and when the baby is born, she won’t have time to sleep properly. She knows it won’t be easy for her, but she won’t give up on the baby.

“I just realised how weak I am, because of my illness. I thought that I knew my epilepsy, but I was wrong.”

And then it happened. She was 9 weeks pregnant, when she had a grand mal seizure on the street. It just hit her. When a woman is pregnant……….

to be continued…

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